The Radio Series

Three, hour-long audio documentaries for public radio

Projected sea level rise, caused by climate change, threatens to flood coastlines around the world, including most major cities. Inundation of roads, airports, sewage treatment plants, hospitals and other infrastructure situated by the water will affect those of us living on higher land as well. How will this impact our lives? What are we doing to address this paradigm shift?

Part I: Sounding the Waters

On The Radio
The San Francisco Bay is a beautiful and biologically rich wonder. But sea level rise and extreme weather will change human life along its coastline —from San Francisco’s financial district to Silicon Valley. How are people responding to this crisis?

Part II: Facing the Rising Tide

On The Radio
Rising waters threaten the lands of a farmer and of a developer, yet they and their families dismiss all warnings of danger. Why are so many of us unwilling to face this issue?

Part III: Chuey’s Story

On The Radio
Adapting to climate change will be a messy and painful business. And in the short term there will be winners and losers. Chuey Cazare’s family is caught in this bind.