RISE Distribution

The RISE Media Project has enjoyed a very wide and diverse distribution. Here are some of the venues where these stories have been showcased:

RISE radio documentaries:

The original three, hour-long documentary radio series was produced along with several shorter re-versions.
The documentary series has been broadcast nationally on over 200 public radio stations. It has also enjoyed international distribution throughout Europe, the Middle East, northern Africa and western Russia via NPR Worldwide. And it has played on U.S. bases around the world on Armed Forces Radio.

Re-versions of the series were broadcast on: Latino USA (200 stations), Making Contact (130 stations), AARP’s Primetime Radio (nationwide) and ReMix Radio (satellite).

RISE multimedia webstories:

The six RISE multimedia webstories combine visuals pulled from thousands of photos and video shot on location during the production phase of the RISE project, and sound and story-rich audio drawn from the radio documentaries. These short (5-6 minute) webstories are designed for websites, social networks and museum venues.

The webstories have been showcased on a wide number of websites including: National Geographic, The Bay Area News Group, 350.org, California’s Office of the Govenor, Climate Reality, Earth Island Journal, Climateinterpreter.org, New America Media (NAM), Earthfix, Bay Nature, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, San Francisco Public Press, Latino USA and Making Contact. (Links may be one of multiple pages covering RISE stories on an organization’s website.)

Live venues and television: Comcast TV, Aquarium of the Bay,

Public presentations: Monterey Bay Aquarium, Oakland Museum of California, National Association for Interpretation conference.

The webstories have been promoted and linked by these organizations: Link TV, Save the Bay, Sonoma Land Trust newsletter

RISE Podcasts:

Six 20-minute audio podcasts were created from the hour-long audio documentaries. Primary audiences for this format are Bay Area locals and visitors. Beyond San Francisco, a social media campaign is reaching listeners across the globe.

RISE ExhibitThe RISE Exhibit is a dynamic, interactive, multimedia installation designed to engage and educate both visitors and locals about San Francisco Bay, its people and the environment. Incorporation photos, text, audio and social media, this 4ft by 6ft display is located at Pier 39’s Aquarium of the Bay. Please see a full description on the RISE Exhibit web page.

Other distribution:

The RISE stories are reaching other audiences through blogs, articles and links including: KQED’s Climate Watch, the Huffington Post, the California Academy of Sciences, Bay Nature magazine, San Francisco Public Press newspaper and more.