RISE – Climate Change and Coastal Communities

A multi-media exploration of how climate change impacts our coastal communities

RISE: An Award-Winning Media Project

Climate change is changing human lives.

Rising sea levels bring high tides and high waves to our shores. Extreme weather events cause our rivers to flood. It is no longer possible to halt all the impacts of climate change.

Now we must adapt to the changes that are inevitable. RISE looks to the San Francisco Bay Area for answers.

These are the stories of men and women living along the water – a fisherman, a farmer, a developer and others. See the Bay from various perspectives. A kayaker brings us eye level to levees at the water’s edge. An urban planner considers how filling in wetlands has increased the flood risk. An architect suggests a plan that may keep the waters in check. Their stories can provide a model for dialogue for people everywhere in the face of this growing global crisis.

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RISE was honored with two awards:

Featured Webstory

Hard Choices

While we must stop adding greenhouse gases to the global atmosphere, conservation and green technologies can no longer completely halt the impact of climate change on people, wildlife, and the lands and waters we depend on. Adapting to climate change is also necessary. This story is about creative solutions to deal with sea level rise for cities at the waters’ edge.

Praise for RISE:

This is thoughtful journalism about important issues… and great storytelling in the bargain.

John Biewen

Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University

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