The RISE Exhibit

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   RISE: Stories of the San Francisco Bay
An Interactive Multimedia Experience

Claire Schoen Media has created a dynamic, interactive, multimedia exhibit to engage and educate both visitors and locals about San Francisco Bay, its people and the environment.

Entitled “RISE: Stories of the San Francisco Bay” this compelling 4 foot by 6 foot display presents six stories exploring the impact of increasing sea level rise and extreme weather on people living by the Bay and what we can do to protect our cities.

The RISE Exhibit includes
• Beautiful photography
• Summaries of the stories in text
• Audio clips of the stories
• Highly produced, sound-rich podcasts
• Social media engagement

All senses are engaged with this installation. The large, attractive RISE Exhibit initially captures people’s attention with stunning photography and informative text. Short, button-activated audio clips from each of the six RISE stories play through focused speakers, giving visitors a taste of the RISE stories. The Exhibit creates online participation, allowing the audience to contribute their own stories about the impact of climate change on our coasts through Instagram and Twitter.

Then visitors are invited to download or stream the six full-length audio stories to their smart phones. Both a QR Code and a URL enable easy and free access to these full 20 minute podcasts.

The RISE Exhibit is showcased at San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay. The Aquarium is located within Pier 39 on San Francisco’s Embarcadero and welcomes over 600,000 visitors a year. The Exhibit is housed in a spacious, glass enclosed room with a view of the Bay behind it; the perfect spot to hear stories about the people who live along its shores.

RISE Exhibit 2 (smaller)


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